Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) 2008

Indian Ocean Dipole 2008 is decaying!

Prediction Information:
For detail of JAMSTEC Seasonal climate prediction

Press release from JAMSTEC (in Japanese)

Latest Dipole Mode Index by OOPC

Seasonal Climate Prediction Link from CSIRO

The Break Newsletter, Victoria, Australia

APEC Climate Centre,

National Climate Outlook


Debate in Parliment
Malaysia (May 12, 2008),

Regional Warning and Monitoring:

Haze On-line (ASEAN Secretariat),

Latest Satellite Images and Hotspots:

MODIS Aqua of Sumatra and Java (Ocean)


MODIS Land Rapid Respone System

LAPAN, Indonesia

Annoucement in 2008:

ENSO Wrap-Up, Summary: Neutral ENSO conditions to continue, BOM, Australia, Oct 8, 2008

ENSO Wrap-Up, Summary: Neutral conditions likely to end the year , BOM, Australia, Sep 24, 2008

ENSO Wrap-Up, Summary: Neutral ENSO conditions likely to persist , BOM, Australia, Jul 23, 2008

ENSO Wrap-Up, Summary: Neutral ENSO conditions likely to persist , BOM, Australia, Jul 2, 2008

INDIA METEOROLOGICAL DEPARTMENT, Long range forecast update for the 2008 Southwest monsoon rainfall, June 30, 2008


The APEC CLIMATE CENTER Climate Outlook for July-September 2008, June 25, 2008

WMO El Niño/La Niña Update, June 24, 2008

A regular commentary on the El Niño-Southern Oscillation, BOM, Australia, June 4, 2008

Articles in 2008:

Climate models predict increased risk of precipitations in the Horn of Africa for end of 2008, EMPRES Watch, 2008

Indonesian drought, Kenyan flooding, OurWorld2.0, July 5, 2008

News in 2008:


Drought woes to continue: Jamstec, Weekly Times, Oct 31, 2008

Models raise the mercury, Fairfax, Oct 29, 2008

Climate's three-headed dog, Farmonline, Oct 15, 2008

SOI rises sharply to +16.5, lifting spring rain hopes, Fairfax, Sep 25, 2008

Rains erupt over Kerala, East still wet , Business Line, Sep 1, 2008

Australia eyes dry weather from Indian Ocean effect, Reuters, Jul 23, 2008

Rainfall in peninsular India may improve by July-end, The Indian Express and The Financial Express on July 21, 2008

Rainfall in peninsula may improve, Indian Express Newspapers, Jul 21, 2008

Fresh rain wave on, may skip interior peninsula, Hindu Business Line, Jul 15, 2008

Disquiet in South drains rain surplus to 10%, Hindu Business Line, Jul 11, 2008

Monsoon covers entire country with 5-day lead, Hindu Business Line, Jul 10, 2008

Qualifying climate change, Fairfax Media, Jul 10, 2008

BOM gives more benign forecast, Fairfax Media, 9/07/2008

Fresh whirl over northwest Bay by Sunday, Hindu Business Line, Jul 4, 2008

21% surplus rain in June, more seen coming, Hindu Business Line, Jul 3, 2008

Rains bear down heavily over Gujarat region, Hindu Business Line, Jul 2, 2008

Young Climate Workshop, Jul 2, 2008

Monsoon roars back to life, W. coast pounded, Hindu Business Line, Jul 1, 2008

Dipole event prompts monsoon outlook upgrade, Hindu Business Line, June 30, 2008

Rain outlook bleak for winter months, Fairfax Media, June 27, 2008

Weekend rains to help lift ‘break’ phase, Hindu Business Line, June 24, 2008

US, Asian models see normal rains during July, Hindu Business Line , June 20, 2008

Monsoon rains hit India early for first time in more than a century, killing 23, The Star, June 16, 2008

Full monsoon coverage with 14-day lead time seen, Hindu Business Line , June 14, 2008

Dipole lends odds-on chance for surplus rain , Hindu Business Line, June 10, 2008

Monsoon holds strong, west coast ‘low’ soon, Hindu Business Line , June 9, 2008

Fresh ‘low’ expected to boost monsoon flows, Hindu Business Line , May 17

Q&A, The Calgary Herald, May 11

‘Northwest India too will share monsoon spoils’, Hindu Business Line, Apr 19

New online climate tools to benefit farmers, Stock and Land - Fairfax,Australia, Apr 1

Cold, dry winter a La Nina offshoot: Experts, Hindu Business Line, Mar 12

Monsoon to bless north-west this time, Hindu Business Line, Jan 26

Experts see early onset of monsoon, Hindu Business Line, Jan 23

Bahasa Indonesia

Muncul Gejala Awal Terjadi Dipole Mode, KOMPAS, Jul 2, 2008

Ada "Dua Kutub" di Samudera Hindia, Berita Iptek, Feb 13, 2008


インド洋海水温、3年連続異常=アフリカなど大雨懸念-海洋機構, 7月15日4時33分配信 時事通信

今年も猛暑? インド洋で「ダイポールモード現象,」7月14日19時33分配信 産経新聞

今年も猛暑? インド洋で「ダイポールモード現象」, Sankei, 2008年7月15日

インド洋の異常現象、3年連続で発生 海洋機構が予測, Nikkei, 2008年7月15日

インド洋の異常現象、3年連続で発生 海洋機構が予測, Eco Nikkei, 2008年7月15日

インド洋海水温、3年連続異常=アフリカなど大雨懸念-海洋機構, 2008年7月15日

インド洋:海水温異常、3年連続で発生, 毎日新聞, 2008年7月15日

インド洋:海水温異常、3年連続で発生…海洋研究開発機構, 毎日新聞, 2008年7月15日

台風への備え/気象現象の理解深めよ, THE JAPAN AGRICULTURAL NEWS, June 15, 2008

Blog in 2008:

English Blog

Climate change: The reality of now in Victoria, Oct 29, 2008, Planet Doom?

thrusts and Prospect of monsoon prediction - Bin Wang, Oct 23, 2008, froggy

Indian Ocean - A More Detailed Look , Sep 30, 2008, Bob Tisdale

Looking ahead, Sep 18, 2008, Keene Weather

PRELIMINARY 2008-9 WINTER OUTLOOK, Sep 15, 2008, Keene Weather

Indian Monsoon – El Nino and La Nina, Jul 3, 2008

Planetary Circulations and Forecasts, Yes, I am looking for a better discussion!, June 26, 2008

2008 Summer Forecast, Mar 4

Australian Drought Eases, But Not Over, By Joshua S Hill , Mar 3

Interpretation of Australian rainfall projections, By Library@EPA, Feb 12

Down Under turns Inside Out, by Joshua S Hill, Jan 8


下一次厄尔尼诺事件将要爆发的三大理由, 光明网-光明观察, Jul 22, 2008

Bahasa Indonesia

Hubungan Efek Rumah Kaca, Pemanasan Global dan Perubahan Iklim, July 17, 2008 — La An

Survey Padang, Mati Lampu, dan Mencreet …, July 15, 2008

Menghidupkan kembali semangat “bahari “ , Iskhaq Iskandar, July 15, 2008

Ada Dipole Mode lagi tahun ini? , Iskhaq Iskandar, July 7, 2008

DIPOLE MODE, Kadarsah, Arpil 3, 2008

Ada “Dua Kutub” di Samudera Hindia, April 12, 2008

Ada “Dua Kutub” di Samudera Hindia, Mar 10, 2008

Japanese Blog

「インド洋ダイポールモード」, Jul 15, 2008, oka3

東シナ海高気圧, Jul 14, 2008, お天気ブログ

今年も猛暑 空梅雨・猛暑はダイポールモード現象の影響か? , Jul 14, 2008, info_matsusaka

海水温異常、3年連続インド洋, Jul 14, 2008, runrunkinakina

ダイポールモード現象とは, Jun 3, 2008

アランとの関係 , May 31, 2008

今夏も猛暑?, May 30, 2008

ダイポールモード現象, May 30, 2008

温暖化とバター不足, May 24, 2008

猛暑, May 18, 2008

異常気象って, Feb 26, 2008

人はそんな空想を何度も繰り返して1つになってく異常気象, Feb 25, 2008

温暖化 海からの警告, Feb 24, 2008

海が地球の気候を決めている, Feb 23, 2008!BF64FA1A25F43A0E!167.entry

海からの警告!インド洋におけるダイポールモード現象〜, Feb 21, 2008

ダイポールモード現象, Feb 21,2008

ダイポールモード現象, Feb 21, 2008

ロスビー波がマスコミに登場, Feb 21, 2008

海面温度の異常上昇、世界で初めて予測に成功, Feb 15, 2008


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