Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Northern Borneo Satellite Images! 23 Feb 2008

Very high chlorophyll a spot located off shore with strong nLw 551 absorption (114.5E 6.5N).

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sulu Sea Satellite Images! 21 Feb 2008

MODIS Satellite Images available for FTP now from Tokyo University

Vietnam MODIS Satellite Images from Yasuoka and Takeuchi Lab, The University of Tokyo

Prof Takeuchi from Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo has provided the Daily Level 2 MODIS satellite on the following FTP site

Naming rule is as follows:
MXD: MOD->Terra, MYD->Aqua
YYYY: year
MM: month
DD: day
hh: hour in UTC
mm: minute
VAR: variables (chlor_a, sst, nLW_551 and K_490)
GEO: geographical location
All data are packed in 16bit signed inter (INT16) in little endian.

Following scaling factor (a) is used to get original value (y) from pixel value (x) on each parameter respevtively.
y = a * x
Chloroplyll-a: 0.0001
SST: 0.005 (Celcius degrees)
normalized water leaving radiance at 551nm: 0.001
diffuse attenuation coefficient at 490nm: 0.0002

If you are using Seadas or ENVI to display the Vietnam MODIS image, it will be input as flat file. Some detail information is needed to read the file. Following are the example for Seadas:
1. Open Seadas, click on Display button.
2. A dialog box will be pop out, and you need to provide some information about the image.

Flat File Filename: "Select the appropriate file name"
Skip Bytes : 0
Number of Points : 1200
Number of lines : 1080
Data Type : Interger (short)

Top left corner : 17 N 103 E
Bottom right corner : 7 N 112 E

Slope : (0.0001 for chlorophyll-a/ 0.005 for SST/ 0.001 for nLw 551/ 0.0002 for K490)Intercept: 0
Scale Type : Linear

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Borneo Images! 7 Feb 2008

A very dense chlorophyll a with low nLw 551 spot is found off shore. Due to strong absorption at the blue-green band, the water color at this area could be changed.

Malacca Straits and Andaman Sea Images! 7 Feb 2008

Sulu Sea Images! 7 Feb 2008

Borneo Images! 6 Feb 2008

Malacca Straits and Andaman Sea Images! 6 Feb 2008

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