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JSPS Ronpaku PhD program Opportunity

Dear Colleagues,

Good Morning!

If you know of any researcher (age < 45) who would be interested and qualified for a JSPS Ronpaku PhD program, please encourage them to contact me. The full information about the program is in the link below, but a short summary is provided below for convenience.
One of the nice things about the program is that the candidate can continue working at their home country while working towards the PhD. The fellowship supports short annual visits to Japan for the candidate, and for the PhD supervisor to visit the fellow's country.
The aim of JSPS RONPAKU (Dissertation PhD) Program is to provide tutorial and financial support for promising researchers in Asia and Africa who wish to obtain their Ph.D. degrees from Japanese universities through the submission of a dissertation without matriculating a doctoral course. This program is implemented in cooperation with JSPS's overseas nominating organizations in Asia and Africa.
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