Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NASA Job Announcement

Job Title:  DIRECTOR, EARTH SCIENCE DIVISION - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Job Announcement Number:HQ12S0012
 $119,554.00 to  $165,300.00 / Per Year  
 Thursday, March 15, 2012 to Tuesday, May 08, 2012  
 Full Time - Permanent  
 1 vacancy(s) in the following locations: Washington DC Metro Area, DC
 This announcement is open to All Qualified Individuals.   

NASA is looking for exceptional leaders for the 21st century! If you are interested in leading dynamic organizations responsible for fulfilling or supporting exciting scientific and aeronautic missions, there may be a place for you on the team. Seize this opportunity to use your current skills, build  new ones, and make significant contributions to our nation's future. As an added benefit, you would be joining an agency ranked as one of the best places in the Federal government to work.

The Director, Earth Science Division (ESD), reports directly to the Associate Administrator, Science Mission Directorate (SMD) and supports the Associate Administrator in directing, determining and presenting the Earth Science Program to NASA senior management, the Office of Management and Budget, the Office of Science and Technology Policy, Congress and the science community.

In partnership with other Science Mission Directorate (SMD) Division Directors, the Director, Earth Science Division, will support the Associate Administrator in providing the overall guidance, strategy, advocacy and budget formulation for NASA's Science Program and is responsible for the following:

--Provides overall guidance, direction, focus and executive leadership of NASA's Earth System science research program, its components, e.g., development and flight of research satellites and research aircraft; Earth science modeling, research and analysis programs, including management of both ground and space based components.
--Plans, coordinates and evaluates the full range of Earth Science Division programs and activities associated with flight and ground system development and operations, research, applications, education and outreach.

--Defends and represents the Earth Science Research Programs within NASA and to external entities such as the Office of Management and Budget and the Congress.

--Serves as liaison with the scientific community through advisory committees and other entities such as the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), coordinates the requirements for Earth science programs with the international community and other Federal agencies.

--Implements and manages approved programs within available funding and manpower resources at NASA centers, academic and research institutions, industry and with international partners.
The incumbent is responsible for furthering the goals of equal employment opportunity and diversity by taking positive steps to support the accomplishment of affirmative action objectives and by adhering to nondiscriminatory employment practices in all areas under his/her supervision.
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Friday, April 06, 2012

Postdoctoral Research Opportunity ­ Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing to Marine Ecosystem Based Management

Postdoctoral Research Opportunity – Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing to Marine Ecosystem Based Management

A postdoctoral research opportunity sponsored by the National Research Council is available at the NOAA/NMFS Northeast Fisheries Science Center in Narragansett, RI.  
Our primary objective is to understand the long-term changes in primary productivity and how it relates to fisheries production and ecosystem based management in the northeast US, continental shelf Large Marine Ecosystem (NESLME). The NESLME is a dynamic, highly productive, and intensively studied ecosystem supporting a constellation of ecosystem goods and services. This work is being conducted using time series of in situ, modeled, and satellite derived biological and physical data.  These analyses will help provide a more holistic perspective in the development of an ecosystem approach to management for the NESLME. <>


Opportunities for the candidates are available for developing algorithms, techniques, and indices to monitor the phytoplankton community, and to investigate how changes in the climate and physical forcings affect primary production. The perspective applicant should have a strong background in oceanography, phytoplankton ecology, ecological modeling and/or ocean color remote sensing.


To apply and for more information about the NRC Research Associateship Programs visit, <>

The deadline for the spring review is May 1, 2012.


Questions about this specific opportunity should be directed to:

Kimberly Hyde, Ph.D. <> <>

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