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MODIS-Aqua ocean color climatologies available on Giovanni

MODIS-Aqua ocean color climatologies allow 10 years of anomaly analysisNew insights possible from higher spatial resolution and new data products The incorporation of the recently released 10-year climatology of ocean color data from NASA's Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer on the Aqua satellite (MODIS-Aqua) allowed the Giovanni data system to provide anomaly analysis for this important ocean data set.The Earth Observing System Aqua satellite was launched in early 2002, and the onboard MODIS instrument began collecting data on July 4, 2002. Thus, at the end of June 2012, there were 10 years of monthly averaged MODIS data for each month of the year. The Ocean Biology Processing Group (OBPG) at Goddard Space Flight Center updates their monthly climatology files as each new month is completed. In July 2012, the NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (GES DI…


星洲日报, 7 Jan 2013(沙巴‧亞庇6日訊)沙巴漁業局總監雷納卡力今日勸告西海岸魚販勿售賣源自吧巴、斗亞蘭、布打丹和亞庇一帶海域,以及瓜拉班尤的西多博湖的貝殼類海產或小魚,否則可被衛生部執法當局援引食品法令檢舉和提控。他說,由於上述海域出現紅潮現象,有關海產和小魚或已受到毒素污染,食用後可對人体造成生命威脅,尤其在來臨的2至3月份的高峰期。他今日受詢2名公眾疑食用了遭紅潮毒素污染的貝殼海產喪命時,再次提醒公眾在紅潮象期間,勿進食可能受污染的貝殼類海產或小魚。他說,若公眾誤食有關的貝殼類海產或小魚,或出現紅潮毒素的病徵,應儘速到最靠近的醫院求診,以免發生不幸事件。他表示,該局在去年11月時就發現了紅潮現象,依據過往的歷史記錄,此現象將會持續,並在來臨的2至3月時進入高峰期,最後在6月份左右才完全消失。沙巴衛生總監克麗絲狄娜昨日證實,州內有6人因感染紅潮毒素而送院就醫,有2人不幸喪命。她說,經調查後,上述就醫的人士是進食了源自實邦加海域的蛤蜊,而出現食物中毒、頸部刺痛、嘔吐、暈眩和呼吸急速的徵狀。喪命的2人則出現嚴重的過敏休克和昏迷症狀,最後不幸喪命。她勸告公眾在紅潮期間,暫時不要食用源自出現紅潮現象的貝殼類海產,至於魚、蝦、螃蟹和烏賊,則安全食用。(星洲日报)Source:

Sabah issues red tide alert

The Star, 7 Jan 2013
KOTA KINABALU: The deadly algae bloom, commonly known as the red tide phenomenon, will peak in the next two months statewide.Sabah Fisheries Department director Rayner Stuel Galid said that red tide was recorded in November last year and will begin peaking between this month and February before tailing off by June."We are conducting daily tests and have found high toxicity in the west coast," he said, adding that anything above 400 mouse units (MU) was considered dangerous.Galid advised people to avoid eating oysters, mussels, cockles and any type of clam though other marine products like fish, prawns and crabs were safe for consumption.He said the red tide has been seen in waters off Papar, Kota Kinabalu and Tuaran in the west coast while they have not received any reports in the east coast.Two boys, aged 14 and nine, died from paralytic shellfish poisoning after consuming cockles on Jan 1.The older boy died a day after eating the she…