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Latest MODIS Aqua images on 25 Sep 2007

MODIS Aqua Chlorophyll a (upper) and sea surface temperature images (lower) on 25 Sep 2007.

Latest Bloom Aqua Images 22 Sep 2007

MODIS Aqua chlorophyll a (top), sea surface temperature (middle) and true color RGB (low) images on 22 Sep 2007. The ocean condition clearly indicate the positive Indian Ocean Dipole 2007. Due to lower SST, less cloud forming at Java and Southern Sumatra area. It could cause the development of drought that might lead to wild fire and haze.

JAXA ALOS Satellite

JAXA ALOS Satellite in Tsukuba Space Centre. I will be started using this high resolution satellite for some of the studies very soon.

MODIS Aqua Images on 11 Sep 2007! Big Phyto Bloom!

MODIS Aqua Chlorophyll a (upper) and sea surface temperature image (lower) on 11 Sep 2007. Large phytoplankton bloom caused by the intensed upwelling cold water (25C).

Latest Information on Indian Ocean Dipole 2007!

Indian Ocean Dipole 2007 is found established!

Precaution measures need to be taken for any of the possible natural disasters around the Indian Ocean region.

For more detail information about IOD 2007 please check following website

JAMSTEC IOD Website (including prediction and observation):

State of the Indian Ocean by OOPC

Latest Dipole Mode Index by OOPC

Climate Prediction:

APEC Climate Center



Forest Fires and Haze:

Singapore Meteorological Services Division

MODIS Rapid Respone System


Haze and Wild Fire in Southeast Asia 2006

TRMM Rainfall Anomalies (left) and MODIS Fire Hotspots (right) May-Sep 2006. Each fire spot detected from MODIS satellite is represented with a red dot in the Hotspots Map. Very large area in Indonesia and eastern Malaysia occupied by countless of hotspots. The wild fire had caused serious destruction to the ecosystem and human health.

Indonesian Drought Development during Indian Ocean Dipole 2006

Monthly Rainfall Anomaly May - Sep 2006 from TRMM Sensor, purple color shows the reduce rainfall area. The Indonesian drought developed with the occurence of Indian Ocean Dipole.

The Natural Disaster during End of 2006

Natural disasters/ weather changes during 2006

Will these natural disasters happen again in 2007?

Is Indian Ocean Dipole 2007 starting?

MODIS Aqua Satellite Chlorophyll a Images for 1-3 Sep 2007 (Source: Ocean Color Web, NASA).

High surface chlorophyll a starting to observed at the Southwestern Sumatra. It could be an indicator for the begining of the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) that will cause weather changes in the Indian Ocean region. JAMSTEC has predicted the occurence of the weak IOD 2007 event since few months ago.

SeaWiFS Chlorophyll a images on 29 Aug - 5 Sep 2006 (Source: Ocean Color Web, NASA). This satellite image has taken during the Indian Ocean Dipole in 2006. Large phytoplankton bloom occured at the Southern Java until Southwestern Sumatra. The IOD 2006 has caused tremendous natural disaster to the Indian Ocean region. In southeast Asia, drought, forest fire, haze, ecosystem destruction, health and economic lost etc. In eastern Africa, causing the worst flooding event and disease outbreak.

Farewell to Prof Ginkel

UNU GEIC team with Prof Ginkel during his farewell party