5th Marine Debris Conference Announcement

Call for Presentation and Poster Abstracts 

Due to a small number of abstracts received in certain highlighted sessions (see below), we are re-opening abstract submission. Abstract submission is re-opened for two weeks only and will not be extended again. The strict deadline for additional abstract submission is Friday, 22 October 2010. Abstracts will not be accepted after this date.

Highlighted Sessions Include the Following: 
1.        Assessing the dangers and removal of sea-dumped munitions and other hazardous debris 
2.        Stories of success: Place-based partnerships to prevent land-based sources of marine debris 
3.        Stories of success: Place-based partnerships to assess and remove marine debris 
4.        Talking trash: Successes and challenges associated with policies to prevent plastic marine pollution 
5.        Derelict fishing gear: Addressing the jurisdictional vacuum 
6.        Reducing marine debris from shipping: The reality of regulation beyond the horizon 
7.        Nipping it in the bud: Preventing land-based sources of marine debris through comprehensive solid waste management 
8.        Exploring the role of ocean filmmaking in educating the public about marine debris and influencing behavioral changes 
9.        Innovations to decrease lethality of lost and abandoned fishing gear 
10.        Applying economic instruments to reduce waste; the carrot or the stick? 
11.        General — economic instruments

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Conference Registration Open!

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Early Bird Registration (until November 30, 2010): $450Regular Registration (December 1, 2010 – 18 March 2011): $575

Reduced registration fees are available for students, teachers, and participants from low-income countries.

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Travel Award Application Posted!

We are pleased to announce the availability of travel awards. Eligibility criteria and application procedures are provided below. Applications, consisting of pdf application and organizational support letter, must be submitted by 29 October 2010 via email to: 5IMDConf@gmail.com

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